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tv   Rock Center With Brian Williams  NBC  June 21, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> mike: 6-3 marlins, heading to the bottom of the this. the good tidings foundation, proud to partner for the jeremy affeldt with the fields for kids program. for the 500 in attendance to celebrate, another facility that junior giants will be able to play for a long time.
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great day for them. he has been a workhorse. those arms rumored to be a candidate to be traded as you get closer to the trade deadline. talked earlier about how ricky nolasco was one of those arms. >> jon: sanchez leads off, on base twice. fast ball at 93 for called strike. originally signed by new york yankees in 2004. then traded to atlanta. in the dirt, breaking ball, 0-2.
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went to atlanta in a deal with melky cabrera there for the 2010 season. >> mike: he has fast ball, 90s, breaking ball that's quick. just saw it. >> jon: skies one to right, sanchez, stanton, one away. sanchez one for three. plus a walk. miami got done when they traded dan uggla to atlanta for the 2011 season. base runners down by three. this was moving along nicely until all of a sudden two down in the sixth inning, runner aboard, tim lincecum, who only
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allowed one hit since the second inning, only two hits in the game and he fell behind logan morrison who eventually hit a triple against him to knock in a run. next batter ozuna got a hit to knock in the tying run. hechavarria. nicely done. and arias, 0 for 4. he hasn't had 0 for 4 or 0 for anything the last couple weeks. had 16 hits and at least one every game for 11 straight games played coming into tonight. now perez comes up. up for the first time. andres torres started the game, did well against marlins starter ricky nolasco, he walked and had two doubles, but tried to turn that last double into a triple, injured his knee, making a head
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first slide to third. actually got thrown out at third. great throw by ozuna. throw so strong, looked like juan perez made that throw. >> mike: it did. a cannon. >> jon: too high. a ball, one strike. perez in his tenth game, four outfield assists. watch what happens to his right knee. ouch. stanton, and a very easy inning for dunn. eight pitches, three up, three down. onto the ninth. 6-3, miami.
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>> jon: ninth inning. 6-3, miami leading. francis ford coppola, his son roman sitting alongside. but he might be having a big meeting about a new film there in the text messaging. >> mike: could be happening
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right now. >> jon: juan pierre. curve ball in there for a strike. 0-2, facing mijares, leading off the ninth. marlins have six runs on the board. >> mike: i know what movie he is going to redo. >> jon: which one. >> mike: "the birds." >> jon: the alfred hitchcock movie. >> mike: i think he will do a remake, inspired by the seagulls. great idea for a remake, call it the gulls. >> jon: strike two called. colin kaepernick threw out first pitch tonight. threw it hard, too, mike.
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and then after -- >> hey, watch out for the giants, they're making a come back, all right? look for them in the 2013 all-star game as well, get on it! >> jon: you know what i wish he said after that? >> mike: what? >> jon: and now i'm going to disneyland. >> mike: i think the world is moving pretty fast for that young man now. >> jon: he's an excellent guest, isn't he? romo told him you throw harder than me i think. so they had some fun out there. no need so far for sergio tonight. the giants are trailing in this game, 6-3 in the ninth inning. ed lucas, the hitter.
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cishek the closer for miami is getting ready in the visitor's bullpen for the last of the ninth. and the giants, whenever the marlins come to town, it is bad for the giants, whether they've got all their array of stars or they go with a bunch of young guys, whatever it is, it is just the uniform comes in, whoever wears that uniform beats the giants. >> mike: can't explain it. called baseball. >> jon: there's cishek getting ready in the pen. the bullpen coach, cornelius. >> mike: great to listen to visiting bullpen guys talk about the fans, how to receive them in this ballpark. >> jon: another fast ball, strikes out lucas. >> mike: visiting bullpen guys
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get on the mound there in front of the fans in the sidelines, and the fans let them have it. pretty entertaining. you can see how close they are to folks in the stands there. great seats, you're standing right behind them. >> jon: stanton takes high for ball one. earlier this year when the giants were in chicago at wrigley field, we were asking hunter pence about the bleacher bums out there. and he spoke about how much fun they were. a base hit for stanton. his first hit of the game, was 0 for 3, got hit by a pitch, ended up being a big play in the eighth inning, two strike count, got a hit. then what proved to be a big
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inning, three run rally that put them ahead was under way. here is logan morrison, who had a homer and triple tonight. couple of big hits. he was the big guy that kept the marlins in the game early against lincecum. 6-3, miami in the ninth inning. >> mike: so we're asking pence, well, is wrigley one of the rugged places. they're good here. he named a couple other ball parks. he said the most rugged park when i was a visiting player, at&t park. the ball goes through the legs of sanchez. stanton over to second. he says i say this with all due respect. they're creative and they're relentless. >> mike: see, i think creativity is the key. relentless, you can go before relentless.
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you don't mind if the guy is entertaining. >> jon: that's a foul. you had to deal with the bleacher bums and you were a cub. >> mike: first time, i was so jacked up, my first day in the big leagues, guy said hey, what's your name. tried, walked back, hey 40, what's your name? scheduled to begin, go buy a program. walked back, same guy. clock work. hey, 40, what's your name. i said buy a program, meat. he said i did, you ain't in it! that's how my love affair began with the bleacher bums. but they were entertaining.
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and in the bullpen there at wrigley field, you could hear them get on the left fielders. and it was comical. >> jon: ends up being a nice save by sanchez after the one that got right through him earlier. this one actually looked like a wild pitch in the making. he kept it from being there. >> mike: it was a big wild pitch. he blocked it. i think he didn't have good form, body in front of that fast ball. here, breaking ball, easier to block. ball in the dirt like that, keep that runner on base, you did your job. doesn't have to be pretty. >> jon: 2-2.
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line drive right to noonan. morrison is gone. one man stranded. noonan, the pitcher's spot, blanco due up, scutaro fourth, posey fifth. star command, i'm detecting high levels of happiness.
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>> jon: last chance for the giants, down 6-3, we head to the last of the ninth inning from at&t park. the miami closer has come in, steve cishek. >> mike: you see the numbers, 32nd game he has come into. 3.56 e.r.a. high velocity side winder. 93, 94, he can do that. very good hard breaking slider. earlier in the year, left handers, came up with a change-up. eased the playing field for him. >> jon: ruggiano now in left field, justin ruggiano, part of a double switch. slotted in number six in the batting order, cishek in number one spot where pierre had been. 0-1 to nick noonan. noonan leads off, 0 for 3, run
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batted in. brandon belt on deck, gregor blanco due third. three left handers in a row coming up. 1-1 the count. noon noonan, get on one way or another. fans are still here, trying to inspire the giants. right in under the hands, yanked foul. cishek, left handers hit better against him than right handers, doesn't mean they're hitting well, hitting .242 as a group against him. right-handed hitters only hitting .143 against cishek.
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1-2 the count to rookie nick noonan. that slider too low. >> mike: that's right where cishek wanted to throw that pitch the last two counts. >> jon: 3-2. >> mike: i can guarantee that gets on by way of a walk or knock, it will be more life in that giants dugout. need to get some runners on. >> jon: lot of action going. up the middle. he gets on. base hit to center.
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giants first hit since the sixth inning. >> mike: worked those pitches to get that count, the challenge wasn't a hanger either. cishek threw it right there at the knees. it was right at the base of the strike zone, which we have seen called a strike all night. right back up the middle with a strike. >> jon: brandon belt now. a pinch hitter. belt, .263, seven homers, 32 batted in. that's fouled. right field line. >> mike: breaking ball, flat in his hands. if you're a left-hander hitting off this guy, you look for hard stuff away. that fast ball will run away from a left handed hitter.
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not what you want to try to pull. around the knees, little heavy in that neck of the woods. >> jon: belt faced cishek last night, he struck him out to end the game. 0-2. >> mike: that's the pitch you're talking about. big movement, running away for a lefty. >> jon: outfield straight away. that didn't last long for brandon belt. >> mike: stay away with two seat movement. get him to chase out of the strike zone. looked like it would be a strike
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for the longest time. and it just faded away. >> jon: now blanco, who had two hits this game, his average for the year up to .290. padres beat the dodgers 5-2 in san diego. beat clayton kershaw. ball one. in that game clayton richards started and right away had to be taken out of the game, his arm was hurting. never got a man out in the first inning. the bullpen went nine and beat l.a. over the outside, coming back to catch the corner for a strike. padres stay hot. d-backs beat the reds. arizona over cincinnati.
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one ball, two strikes. colorado lost at washington. 2-1, nationals, stephen strasburg got the win. giants trailing the marlins 6-3. one out, one on. last of the ninth. blanco asks for timeout, backs away. giants need two men on base to send a possible tying run to the plate. >> mike: that pitch there away, that center field side, hit the is center, ruggiano in left field, about six steps towards
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the line. fast ball from cishek, you can understand why those guys are there. >> jon: blanco hanging tough. blanco had only two previous at bats against cishek, a single and struck out against him. buster posey in the hole. up the middle, base hit! and they have two men on. noonan to second and holding. and marco scutaro coming up. >> mike: now it gets interesting. so they have done their job,
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extended the inning, get the heart of the order up. set the table. >> jon: you mentioned this earlier about blanco. he is very scutaro-like again. romo will head down to the bullpen to get ready for a possible tenth inning. scutaro has had one hit tonight. an rbi double in the third. the then third baseman lucas back in the fifth. that was a big play. tried to score in that inning later on. that one almost got away from brantly. so much movement. one ball, no strikes.
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buster posey on deck. giants are trailing 6-3, two men on, one man out. over the outside. >> mike: first fast ball to marco scutaro, you have to look middle in. count 1-0, you have a chance to get that location. >> jon: bare handed pickup. got him at first. nice play by cishek. >> mike: nice play, your momentum goes towards first base line. he had to unwind to get to the ball. gets by him, it is a base hit. once you get set, that goes down under. bare hander.
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gets to target. >> jon: buster posey, had a single last night in the ninth against cishek. but is hitless so far tonight. two down. did not get the low strike there. ball one. base hit to outfield could make one run. cishek allowed three homeruns this year in 31 innings. ball two. hunter pence is on deck.
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he has not had success against cishek each time he faced him. 2-0 to buster posey. 3-0. doesn't seem all that interested going after buster posey. >> mike: posey with a 3-0. there's the tying run. >> jon: what would be the answer to that question in your mind? >> mike: absolutely. another pitch, another location, have at it. >> jon: 3-1.
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cishek to posey, 3-1 the count. polanco and that is number nine in a row for the marlins over the giants. and this one really hurts. the giants once again had a lead, this one into the sixth inning, tied into the eighth inning. marlins beat them with a rally in the eighth second night in a row. >> mike: it is the bullpen giving up, the giants aren't used to losing ballgames that way. tremendous performance for tim lincecum, seven strong innings, where he gave up four hits, struck out eight. shame to waste that performance and not walk away with a win. >> jon: for more on the game, tune into comcast sportsnet. tune in tomorrow at 12:30 for game three. we will be back wednesday from l.a., lincecum and kershaw due
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up, giants and dodger, 7:00 wednesday. this is jon miller. thanks for tuning in. 6-3, marlins over the giants. good night from san francisco.
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trying to break a window open with screw irs droofr. >> a bunch of guys were in the water on top of the car with tools.
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smashing the window, trying to get it open. >> the team was not able to break the window open and the van sank with the woman inside. a search was launched and it took several hours for crews to locate the van in the water. divers say there is zero visibility here. so crews are still here now trying to get the van out of the water. now the medical examiner is working to identify the victim and notify family. reporting live in san francisco. nbc bay area news. >> a tragic night on the bay. now to the south bay struggling to find an answer. san jose police have announce ad major crackdown against gang violence. it comes two days after a teenag%!x boy was killed in a gang-related shooting. in addition to portions of east san jose, these some of the neighborhoods in south san jose that police will be targeting. saturating these locations with officers and hopes of getting the problem under control. kimberly terry is in san jose with the details.
10:36 pm
>> reporter: as summer progresses, so does the intensity of the san jose police department plan to crack down on gang violence. >> we have drawn our line in the sand saying this is what we need to do. >> beginning this weekend, 40 additional officers will head in to east san jose considered top spots for crime. 12 more patrols will be added to focus on gang suppression. in august, the department plans to roll out a gang suppression unit which will be focused on criminal street activity, seven days a week. >> our job is to recognize the trends. recognize the historical context of these gangs and do what we can to get them to reduce our violence. >> reporter:vz san jose police y gangs have been a problem for the last three decades. they cut the suppression unit about three years ago because of budget cuts. >> i think what you're seeing is an admission we shouldn't have gotten rid of them in the first
10:37 pm
place. we know that shuffling twon't keep it safer. >> reporter: they need a viable solution and more officers, not more overtime. >> this is great but it is not sustainable without more officers to support it. >> reporter: san jose police say they will not reaction to the growing violence but they will continue to tweet their plan according to the resources they have. >> these officers are being deployed into neighborhoods where they're most needed. yes, we are incurring a lot of overtime doing this but that's what we have to do. >> that was kimberly reporting. the san jose police department homes to work on gang prevention by getting illegal gungs off the streets. >> we have some surveillance photos to show you of a bank robbery in morgan hill this morning. the man came into the city bank, jumped over the counter, held a gun to the bank teller's head, he got away with the cash. a second suspect was waiting outside in the stolen gray jeep grand cherokee. the two drove off and ditched
10:38 pm
the jeep about a mile away. if you have any information, you're urged to contact the police. a starbucks in mill pete as became a drive through when the car crashed through the store. it happened this morning on east calveras boulevard. amazingly, no one was hurt even during the morning rush hour. investigators say it looked like an accident but are looking into why the driver lost control. >> the first full day of summer is just now ending and the weekend is beginning. would you believe rain is in our forecast? nbc bay area's chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is a storm headed our way. >> an unreal shift. we were begging for any kind of rain drops at the beginning of 2013 when we should have been picking pup rain. by all indications right now, for two solid days, the forecast models continue to bring the jet stream right across northern california and that's all we're going to need. that strong dip in the jet stream to provide that rainfall as we head into the next 72 hours. i do think as we head throughout sunday, we'll start to see
10:39 pm
clou increase with areas of drizzle and now fog. hold off on the first round of rain right now until we head into monday. and here's the thing. on monday, it is so rare, so unusual to get this kind of rainfall. all it will take in san rafael is 100th of an inch to set a new rainfall record. with that said, of course our water year is ending. that officially happens on june 30th. so a very strange turn of events here in the weather forecast. we'll let you know how long all this wet weather lasts. it is not only monday in that seven-day forecast. i'll have that for you coming up. the fourth of july is less than two weeks away but there is already concern associated with the holiday because of illegal fireworks. south bay firefighters are now stepping one a number of additional rigs that are patrolling day and night. they say they've already seen evidence of the damage fireworks can do. they blame fireworks for a grass
10:40 pm
fire in south san jose last week them want to remind everyone that fireworks are illegal to use in san jose. anyone caught using them will be fined. >> there is the initial fine, a $500 fine. we do confiscate the fireworks as well and people are expected to appear in court. firefighters say fireworks bring even more of a threat because of the dry conditions. some good news on you are on state's economy for the first time in almost five years, california's unemployment rate is below 9%. the state's jobless rate fell to 8.6% last month. a tropical of .4% since the previous month. however it is still 1% above the national average. roughly 1.6 million californians remain unemployed. a government agency on the brink of bankruptcy. the postal service is losing in their estimates, $25 million a day. while congress struggles to fix the agency, a surprising turn. the postal service is hiring here in the bay area.
10:41 pm
jodi hernandez has more. >> reporter: they're known as the public face of the u.s. postal service. letter carriers who deliver mail to your doorstep each day. >> a nice job, a good job. it keeps you healthy. you're out in the fresh air. the hourly wage is decent. >> reporter: for the first time in two decades, the postal service is doing a mass recruitment. the bay area region needs 500 letter carrier assistants. temporary positions that could lead to a full-time job. >> we're looking for somebody who can, is fit, healthy, who can carry a workload of 70 pounds. so the physical requirements is you'll be on your feet most of the day. >> the postal service will be holding a job fare on monday to walk darr through the application process. but that level of recruitment is turning heads. especially as the postal service has struggled to stay afloat. they've closed post offices and have proposed cutting saturday
10:42 pm
deliveries as the digital age has cut into business. >> the fiscal problems remain. no doubt about it. we still have, we're looking for ways to cut costs. but while we're looking for ways to cut costs wergs still need to survive. we need to stay in business. and our letter carriers help us stay in business. the postal service is its best pitch, hoping to recruit more than a few good carriers. >> this is a very nice company to work for. we've been around for 237 years. we've never laid a single employee off in the entire history of the united states postal service. nbc bay area news. details on that job fair we're talking about. it will be next monday at the san jose mail processing and distribution center. you can find out more information on our website. the starting rate by the way is $15 an hour. i'm scott budman. new technology to bring familiar monsters back to life. coming up, inside pixar
10:43 pm
headquarters as they launch monster university. plus, a final resting place for pets? the new plan to pay tribute to some special animals in san francisco. i don't think of myself as a chef, really. tonight, alice waters reveals who she really thinks she is. an it's exclusive interview. the legendary restaurant that reopened tonight.
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tonight one of the most famous restaurants in america reopened. it has been closed for more than three months after a major fire. there's a good chance you've heard of chez panisse. an nbc bay area exclusive. the interview with alice waters. >> my general manager jennifer called me up at about 5:00 in the morning and she said, just
10:46 pm
don't panic. but there's been a fire at the restaurant. and i think you should come over now. when i got here, the street was closed. fire trucks and lots of the press cameras and all. >> it was the story covered by not only every local media outlet but also "the new york times" and "wall street journal." the fire on march 8th silenced one of the most influential restaurants in the country. but now, chez panisse is buzzing again, recovering from its second major fire in its 42-year history. >> people say you're the most significant and important chef in this country. how do you respond to that? what do you think of that when people say that? >> well, i don't think of myself
10:47 pm
as a chef, really. i guess i really think of myself as a restauranteur, an activist. somebody who really cares about where food comes from. >> waters is a pioneer. chez panisse was sustainable and organic before many knew what those terms mental. beyond the kitchen and the soil, she also launched the edible school yard project which stretches from berkeley and oakland all the way to the white house. >> what's so great is that all of our carpenter friends, it is like a whole family of people who have been connected to chez panisse since the beginning, have come from their normal jobs to come and help us rebuild. it is just been exciting to feel
10:48 pm
the communicate effort in the rebuild. we're so grateful to everyone. really. >> if you weren't a restauranteur or a chef, what might have you been? avegetable vendor. it's true. in my old days, i can imagine sitting there shelling fava beans.tó @r(t&háhp &hc >> a very warm person at. chez panisse opened tonight for a private dinner. on monday night it opens to the general public. caught on camera. two people stealing an atm from an oakland gas station. a surveillance camera captured the burglary at the 76 station on park boulevard. not far from 580. thieves used a truck to take down a wall and smash their way into the store early yesterday morning. the video shows at least two suspects loading the machine into the back of their truck. police have not yet identified them. a church in san francisco's
10:49 pm
north beach recently discovered some unused space in its basement. rather than putting in a rec room or a line raerk it has come one a different plan. it's a somewhat fitting tribute to its name sake, st. francis. >> reporter: in san francisco's north beach, inside the national shrine of st. francis of assisi. are many tributes to the saint and his famous love of animals. >> very often you will see statues of st. francis. he is holding birds or has animals at his feet. >> reporter: inside the shrine, he has had plenty of animal at his feet. last week the church was filled with 500 pet owners for the annual blessing of the animals. >> mostly dogs. there were a few cats and a few angora rabbits. >> while it has long welcomed living pets, it now preparing to welcome the dead. in the newly discovered grotto
10:50 pm
beneath the church steps, he is hoping to build a place to house the ashes of dearly departed pets. >> it seemed like a natural fit. st. francis, animal, and a place for people to put the ashes of their deceased animals. >> this week he notified parishioners of the plan which will include glass covered rooms where people can leave ashes and mementos. >> they can put urns in there. >> there are places to have service animals for police. >> as someone walks through and visits, it will be like an ongoing history of people that have been involved in the shrine. animals involved in families' lives. >> one nearby business owner said some of the neighborhood were upset they weren't given more notice about the plans. both the city health department and planning department referred calls on the matter to each other. >> the people who bring their
10:51 pm
pets here can be catholic or they can be noncatholic. because after all, the no religion. >> he says the space will help generate money for the shrine. in the end, taking beloved pets of all sizes just as st. francis would have done. nbc bay area news. >> a nice story. get ready for a wild weekend. nascar is here. that means about 100,000 people will be in sonoma for sunday's big race. nascar has been very smart in the last several years and it is marketing the sports popularity is huge as you probably know. even here in the bay area. one of the big reasons? social media. nascar has a fan and media engagement center. that's what they call it. it is based in north carolina but they partnered with hewlett-packard. it is staffed 18 hours a day with people searching the web for fan feedback and media reports. what they uncover is then given to the race teams. >> it is where it is going.
10:52 pm
social media?bvz÷ is such an inl part of the fan experience for pretty much all sports. so being able to tap into that is where we're headed. ? their will be member of tweeting and instagraming this weekend. qualifying is tomorrow. the big race is sunday in sonoma. >> we'll have some freight weather for saturday. sun, a different question with some fast changes coming our way. doppler radar, some rain coming in that seven-day forecast. the good news with the clear weather lately. no airport delays when it comes to weather. when those flights get going in san jose, they've been grounded. we talk about the southwest issue. the good news, we don't have any delays either at the other major airports. it will help you out, at least a little bit. from the plane to in the car, it will be sunny tomorrow from san francisco to san diego. looking pretty good with some hot weather with 105.
10:53 pm
let's take you now to the sky camera network. you can see it is clear in san jose, setting us up for another warm day for saturday. let's get to those quick changes. we have a plume of moisture sitting out in the pacific. and it looks like it will be good enough to stream on into the bay area as we head throughout monday and tuesday of next week. right now, rainfall totals on the last forecast update have pretty much stayed the same on expected rainfall. anywhere from .500 to an inch. the least at in the south bay and like normal here in most cases, some of the most rain expected in the north bay. the coastal elevation there's see a decent surge. possibly over an inch. that will likely show us record setting rain as we head into next monday and tuesday. it doesn't take much to set off records. as we head through tuesday, we'll keep the rain in the forecast. you can see a slight chance of thunderstorms. it is not big. but any indication that we may have that coming our way. we like to add that into the forecast. by wednesday and thursdayering
10:54 pm
with get a nice warm-up with mid and also, upper 80s coming on back. so we'll have more coming up at 11:00 p.m. >> heavy flooding in western canada is causing major problems. take look at this video. rains have forced the bow and elbow rivers in southern alberta to overflow the banks. this shows how powerful the waters. are sweeping at least a house under a bridge there. the city of calgary has evacuated its entire down. an area packed with about 350,000 workers on any normal friday. officials estimate 75,000 people in calgary have been ordered to evacuate their homes. big news in the calgary area. >> a famous chef in hot water. now she is out of a job. still ahead, begging for forgiveness. the apology from paula deen after her racist comments. >> why that next latte at starbucks will cost you a little more. >> plus, relaxing the rules.
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♪ ♪ i gotta go deposit a check, transfer some money. so it's your uncle's turn. what? wait, wait, wait... no, no, no, wait, wait. (baby crying) so you can deposit a check... with the touch of a finger. so you can arrange a transfer in the blink of an eye.
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so you can help make a bond... i got it. that lasts a lifetime. the chase mobile app. so you can. a lot of buzz for pixar's new movie. >> scott budman spent the day at pixar headquarters. >> call it a perk for popular movies but pixar got to ring the closing bell. part of a big day for the company which also released monsters university. a prequel to monsters inc. here at pixar headquarters, employees feel a sense of pride.
10:58 pm
perhaps none more than dan who directed it. >> i see the faces on the screen. i see the people who came one the idea. and luckily, no one else sees it that way. that would be a horrible way to watch the movie. it is great. hopefully it is paying off and staying with kids and families for generations. >> do you pledge your souls to the brotherhood? >> for 15 years, pixar has mixed technology and story telling with blockbuster results. each time, tightening the relationship between silicon valley and hollywood. >> and this may be hard to believe. it has been 12 years since the first monsters movie. and although these guys are the same, the technology has changed a lot since then. >> there's so much more we could do. fur was so difficult. it is still stuff. we never could have made a film
10:59 pm
with this many monsters in the background and this one is full of monsters. >> variety because of technology boosted by good stories. in emeryville, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. if you fly you know this message. turn off your electronic devices before you take off. now you might not have to. the fax is considering relaxing those rules. that would mean you could keep on your tablet and ereaders and keep them on when taking off and landing. as for your cell phone, no luck. old rules apply. most likely that will have to be kept off. a final ruling has been pushed back to cement. get ready to pay a little more for that latte. starbucks announced it is raising prices on some of the drinks on tuesday. prices will go up about 1% to help offset an increase in business costs. the price hike will affect less than a third of the beverages
11:00 pm
which includes brewed coffee and espresso drinks. this is the first price hike in nearly two years for the coffee chain. we want to welcome our 11:00 viewers. >> we've been on early following tonight's giants game right here on nbc and we've been tracking some breaking news at all of the bay area airports. san jose, sfo and oakland. >> a computer glitch had grounded all southwest flights on the west coast. now i hear the ticket agents are doing it manually, getting the passengers entered in that way. george kiriyama is live with the new information. >> reporter: i just received an e-mail from the airport that says that the southwest airlines has lifted the ground stop the network is still down. yes, employees have to enter all the passenger information manually and that is a very slow process. once all the passengers are entered manually, they will board the plane and the plane will take off. they're still looking atle delays and possible cancellations. i


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